Water Stations

OSUM water stations have been designed as a zero-waste unit, and transforms readily available municipal water into delicious thirst quenching, straight-up, no frills, honest 2 goodness H2O; free of chlorine and other unwanted tastes and odors. The high capacity carbon filter system, uses granular activated carbon made from compostable coconut shell, housed in a stainless steel tank, with a 1 micron carbon block polishing filter manufactured using a patented process that significantly reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.  As water passes through the micro pores of the carbon medium, organics in the water “hang on to” (or are “adsorbed”), and molecularly bond with the carbon, resulting in high quality drinking water for you at the spigot.   All filters, tanks, parts, fittings, and tubing used in the system are NSF certified.