Special FX

Take your event to the next level and leave your attendees thoroughly impressed with our vast array of special effects equipment to. By utilizing our CO2 jets, confetti & streamer cannons, balloon drops and pyrotechnics, the only limit is your imagination. Check out our gallery for more inspiration.

Confetti Cannon

Send confetti billowing straight up in the air to impress, stun and add an unpresedented amount of energy into a room. Everyone loves a great celebration, why not take it to the next level? 5 point dmx and manual available.

Confetti Blower

Our continuous flow confetti launcher/blower/cannon is capable of large venue launches and is capable of launching over 1 lb of confetti per second at heights of 75+ feet.  You can launch all types of confetti, streamers and corkscrews without congestion. Includes a CO2 high pressure fitting and components make for super easy setup.  We have both 5 point DMX controlled and manually triggered units.

Single Shot Streamer Cannon

Easily hidden away until you want your crowd to be amazed! Our single shot streamer cannon is perfect for giving that big event feel, to an intimate event space. We offer both manual and dmx triggered options.

9 Arm Streamer Cannon

Our nine barrel streamer cannon is perfect for adding a stunning effect to any show, event or performance. The unit is capable of shooting all together, singularly or orderly, already in a road case it is easy to move around and sets up in a jiff!

CO2 Jet (small)

Small, compact, lightweight and ready to go. These little guys will be sure to dazzle and excite an audience! Capable of shooting a CO2 plume up to 26 feet in the air its more than able of grabbing a crowds attention. DMX controlled.

CO2 Jet (large)

Theres no better way to add excitement, emotion, and intrigue to a performance than with giant billowing streams of CO2 flying out into space. These CO2 jets can be placed nearly anywhere! Stage, truss, column you name it. Controlled with DMX.


CO2 Gun

Want to add a wow factor that no one will see coming? Bring out this baby and make your crowd say hello to your little friend. Guarenteed to hype up your audience with no questions asked!

Pyro Projector

One word: Fire. OSUM’s flame projectors add that intense, next level entertainment to any stage you put them on! Capable of running on either petroleum or propane and shooting a single blast or continuous stream, these guys are perfect for making your crowd go “woah.” 5 point DMX controlled.

Pyro Cannon

Capable of shooting flames 27′ in the air, our pyro cannon adds an air of edge and power to any stage or setup. This cannon can also shoot out different colored flames too. Manually controlled or through 5 point DMX. Runs on alcohol, kerosene and nitrogen.