Lighting & Trussing

From simple LED par cans and festoons to lekos.  Osum also provides light duty trussing for smaller setups.  We work with many lighting  partners to create the perfect lighting and ambiance for your event. See our gallery below for examples of both small and massive lighting experiences.

Festoon Lights (Italian bistro lights)

Lengths: 50 – 250 Feet

Interchangeable bulb colors: Purple, Blue, Ice Blue, Amber, Clear (White), Green, Red

Elar Par

These lights are made for adding color to your events. Water proof and programmable through DMX.

LED Par 46

Essential for illuminating a small area or throwing a color wash against a wall. Lights are programable along the RGB color spectrum and can be programmed, addressed and controlled through DMX.

LED Tube Lights

Sleek, stylish, and ready for action! Our LED tubes can outline an area or can be used in many creative ways. Running along the RGB spectrum and programable with a simple controller that anyone can use. Have them stay one color, run a pattern or slowly run a color chase.

LED Brick Light

Our LED bricks are perfect for adding spashes of color and illuminating every part of your venue. Capable of any color along the RBG color spectrum.

Automated 101

Color changable and essential for adding movement and excitment to you event.

Automated 2k

Another solid choice for adding excitment and atmosphere to your event. These lights are capable of changing to any color and shooting patterns amongst your crowd. Lights can be addressed and programed via DMX cables and a controller.

Source 4 Leko

Perfect for fitting with a gobo to add dimension, texture, branding and customization to any event!

Straight Truss

Need a structure built for your event? OSUM Event Rental’s lightweight stainless steel truss comes in .5, 1, 2, 2.5, and 3 meter long lengths.

Corner Piece

Used for creating a right angle in a truss structure, made from stainless steel.

T Joint Truss Piece

Made from stainless steel, this piece is used in building structures. Think legos, but for adults.

Tri Corner Truss Piece

Made for ajoining corners of truss structures. Made of stainless steel.

Aluminum Base Plate

Used for small structures and single truss towers.

Steel Base Plate

The foundation for a large truss structure or tall truss tower.