LED Video Panels & Projection

LED Video Panels have become an industry standard for displaying video content.  With a brighter display, LED walls are more reliable, economical and flexible than other methods. OSUM panels are customizable for your event and we even have flexible screens to “wrap” your video content if necessary.  Not only are LED Video panels brighter than traditional projectors, you don’t need the “throw” space necessary for projectors.  They can also be set up for any format you want to project.  These can be used for scoreboards, sponsor screens, backdrops or simple ways to display content at churches, sporting events, corporate functions, fashion shows, festivals and concerts – day or night.  We also carry traditional video projectors if they are preferred.

Barco 8K DLP HD Projector

8000 Lumen Barco CLM HD8 Projector
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14K Christie DLP Projector

14000 Lumen Christie DS+14K-M SXGA+DLP Projector
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15MM Flex LED Video Panel

Today, many architects want their buildings to look more attractive and unique, so they are utilizing curves more in their designs.  Our 15mm Flex LED Video panels make it easy to place video screens in places traditional projection methods don’t allow for.  Have a unique request for video projection at your event?  Call us at Osum Event Rentals today to start the discussion for your ideal solution!