An event is not complete without a place to sit, relax and converse in style. OSUM Event Rentals will create the perfect space for your guests with our premium couches, tables and more!

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Ottoman- White

Dimensions: 1’h x 2’6″w x 2’d

Colors: White

Material: Leather

Ottoman- Small Black

Dimensions: 16″ x 16″ x 16″

Colors: Black

Material: Leather

Ottoman: Brown

Dimensions: 1’6″h x 3’6″w x 3’d

Colors: Brown

Material: Leather

Black Click-Clack Couch

Dimensions: 70.9″W x 35.4″D x 31.9″H Seat: 21.2″D Seat: 15.3″H

Colors: Black & White

Material: 100% polyurethane

Black Sectional Couch

Dimensions: 76″L x 32″D x 26″H

Colors: Black

Material: Leather

Black Leather Love Seat

Dimensions: 56″L x 32″D x 26″H

Colors: Black and White

Material: Leather

Black Sectional Couch: Short

Dimensions: 2’hx 6’6″w x 3’d

Colors: Black

Material: Leather


Black Leather Club Chair: Picture coming soon!

Dimensions: 2’3″h x 2’6″w x 3’d

Colors: Black

Material: Leather


Club Chair: Cloth

Dimensions: 31″W x 32″D x 32″H Seat Height: 18″

Colors: Taupe

Materials: Linen Fabric

Dining Chair: Wood

Dimensions: 2’8″h x 1’6″w x 1’7″d

Material: Wood

Bar Stool

Dimensions: 3’8″h x 1’7″d x 1’6″w

Colors: Silver/Black


Side Table: White Cube

Dimensions: 2’h x 1’w x 1’7″d

Colors: White

Side Table

Dimensions: 1’6″h x 2’w x 2’d

Max. Load: 55 lbs

Colors: White, Green, Red, Black

Side Table: Wood Grain

Dimensions: 1’6″h x 2’6″w x 1’4″d

Color: Shown

Side Table: Black Twist

Dining Table: Wood Grain Top

Dimensions: 2’6″h x 2’6″w x 2’d

Material: Wood and metal

Double Coat Rack

Stantion Base

Dimensions: 3’h x 1’w x 1’d

Colors: Silver

Stantions: Velvet Rope